Our Mission

Our branch is reforming to better contribute to the growing interdisciplinary efforts of the aerospace industry in the 21st Century. We no longer cater only to aerospace engineering majors, and we aim to leverage Texas A&M's strengths to develop members that will significantly contribute to the future of the budding private aerospace industries, as well as the existing aeronautical and aerospace industries, both private and governmental

For Students

Joining AIAA-TAMU is a great way for students to learn about the aerospace industry, network with professionals in the aerospace industry, and meet other students who have a similar passion for aerospace topics.

For Companies

Speaking at AIAA-TAMU events is a great way to recruit very qualified and hardworking students of various STEM disciplines to intern, co-op, or work full time with your company.

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Officer Election Meeting

Tuesday, April 18

RDMC 202

You can run for basically any position: VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Industry Chair, Publicity Chair, Social Chair, Marketing Chair, SEC Representative, and System Administrator. Candidates for President are required to have been an officer for at least a year first. Submit your presentations to AIAA.TAMU@gmail.com by April 18.