Industry & Academia

AIAA & Industry 


AIAA’s mission is to prepare our membership for the workforce and connect our members with industry. We partner with a number of companies annually to host fun, informative networking events that get our members excited about life after college and get industries excited about hiring our accomplished members.

What would my company’s role be?

AIAA’s most popular partnered events are our speaker meetings. A speaker meeting is a lecture-style gathering where our membership meets to hear a company representative or group of representatives give a presentation about their company. Our members get to learn about different opportunities in the company, fascinating projects the company has worked on, and explore career paths they may not have previously thought of all while having the opportunity to make face-to-face industry connections. Our members love exploring new opportunities and expanding their knowledge of industry, and these events are well attended. Plus, we provide food.

AIAA also partners with industry to host more informal events, like tailgates and competitions. Additionally, we bring in companies to host seminars that teach our members a skill, particularly in programming.

Why should my company get involved?

Involvement in AIAA provides great opportunities for garnering interest, gaining exposure, and recruiting. AIAA members are eager to get involved in the industry world and prove great candidates for career opportunities. Your company’s involvement would provide the opportunity to get some of the top engineering candidates in the country a chance to get excited about you.

AIAA & Academia


AIAA strives to connect its members with the illustrious academic minds at A&M. We’ve begun partnering with professors and departments to host informative lunch seminars, Lunch ‘n’ Learns, to get students involved with the academic on goings of the university and the scientific world. These seminars are an informal way to keep students in the loop on advancements and research happening at our very university.


Interested in becoming an industry or academic partner?

Contact our industry chair, Hannah Stroud, at

Thinking about becoming a sponsor?

Contact our treasurer, Josh Herrington, at